Oscar Tamayo

Your graduation year: 2017

What are you up to? I am currently a Quality Assurance Specialist at Access Health Louisiana,  a network of Federally qualified Health Centers in South East Louisiana.  I coordinate quality improvement activities that ensure highest standards of patient care.

Why did you major in public health? I was interested in healthcare from a community level, understanding social determinants and how to create a better system for health equity. 

What’s one thing you wish you had known for each year of undergrad?

Freshman: Do not isolate yourself to one discipline, explore your options.

Sophomore: Branch out and truly engage in the New Orleans community. The Center for Public Service is a great way to find out about off campus opportunities.


Senior: It’s never too late to take a class you’re interested in.

Were there any internships, organizations, or classes that helped you get to your current job? Interning at Louisiana Public Health institute helped me understand programming and grant writing at a macro-level. Interning for a hospital quality department gave me knowledge on basic clinical guidelines.

Favorite restaurant in New Orleans? Too difficult to decide, but I would have to choose Mais Arepas. 

Any parting advice? Seek opportunities outside of your comfort zone. Those experiences will be the most beneficial.