Andy Devries

Your name: Andy Devries

Your graduation year: 2016

What you do now: For one year I’ve been working for Livongo, a Chicago health tech company that empowers people with chronic conditions to live healthier and happier lives. My current role is a Member Support Specialist, which entails communicating with people with diabetes as they use our connected blood glucose monitor. This year we are also launching a connected blood pressure cuff for those diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Why did you major in public health? I think living a happy and healthy life is deceptively simple, but not easy. Our country’s health epidemic will take nothing short of a miracle to improve, but I’d like to do everything in my power to contribute toward those improvements.

What’s one thing you wish you had known for each year of undergrad?

Freshman: Don’t be afraid to tell people you’re undecided in terms of your major

Sophomore: Switch things up if you need to

Junior: Study abroad!

Senior: Enjoy your last month-long winter break, because that doesn’t exist in the working world

Were there any internships, organizations, or classes that helped you get to your current job? I interned at Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine as a cooking assistant; it was an excellent experience that I draw from to this day! Also, Dr. Gleckler is the best.

Favorite restaurant in New Orleans? First Cup Coffee

Any parting advice? Use LinkedIn– I applied for the job I currently have on there and couldn’t be happier about it. Send me a connection request and I’m happy to chat!