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The Public Health Zine Fall Submissions

Submissions are being accepted for the fall issue of the Public Health Zine. Submit visual art, poetry, personal narratives, spotlights, or other evidence-based work to: by 11/14/9 by 5pm CST. 


the Public Health Zine



The Public Health Zine (PHZ) presents an evidence-based, comprehensive snapshot of pressing campus health issues through a monthly theme. We are a publication dedicated to creating a campus-wide conversation around student health and wellness.

Disclaimer: this is not an official Tulane University sponsored publication. The views and opinions contained herein by the various authors do not necessarily reflect the official views, opinions, or policy of Tulane administrators, staff or faculty. All material contained herein are the views and opinions of students, and may not reflect the views of all students on campus.

Issue One: Our #1 Priority

Issue Two: Non-Western Perspectives: Mental Health

Issue Three: Environmental Health