Student Groups

Undergraduate Public Health SGA

The UPH SGA hosts events throughout the year, many of which serve as great networking opportunities for undergraduate public health students to meet with SPHTM alumni. The SGA also works with the graduate school on events that helps current undergraduate students get to know the graduate school and the opportunities for a combined degree. In 2016, the association sponsored the “Future of American Healthcare” event, which provided insight into the U.S. healthcare system under the president-elect.

  • President: Ingeborg Hyde 
  • Vice President: Nithya Vemula  
  • Treasurer: Charlotte Rosenberg
  • Secretary: Ethan Hume
  • Senators: Delaney Biggins, Julie Cornfield, Samuel Hoffman, Francesca Paparello
  • Senior Class Rep: Aislinn Roberts
  • Sophomore Class Rep: Maddy Drogy
  • Freshmen Class Reps: Emiko Distler, Sahil Inaganti, Grace Riley 
  • Communications Chair: Sarah Broussard 
  • Alumni Chair: Hannah Wahl
  • Events Chair: Sonali Bhatnagar, Benjamin Sichel  

For more information, email Nithya Vemula.

Infectious Disease Club

Infectious Disease Journal Club is an informal, weekly club to give students interested in infectious disease the chance to meet and talk. We read short papers for group discussion, as well as host events and bring in speakers. It is also a great opportunity to get involved in research project, make connections with professors, and gain leadership experience.

The Zine

The Public Health Zine (PHZ) presents an evidence-based, comprehensive snapshot of pressing campus health issues through a monthly theme. We are a publication dedicated to creating a campus-wide conversation around student health and wellness.

Disclaimer: this is not an official Tulane University sponsored publication. The views and opinions contained herein by the various authors do not necessarily reflect the official views, opinions, or policy of Tulane administrators, staff or faculty. All material contained herein are the views and opinions of students, and may not reflect the views of all

TU Communitea

For students by students, TU Communitea is a web-series that provides social commentary on public health issues at Tulane. We hope that every student watching sees themselves in every episode and that Tulane sees and hears us as well.

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