Forms and Documents

Study Abroad Course List 2019_2020  

All study abroad courses are transferred as SPHU 5380/5390 OR as SPHU 4580 Capstone (with the completion of abroad capstone requirements and departmental approval). Capstone eligible courses are marked with an *. This is a list of previously accepted classes, and some classes may not be offered currently. Use this to inform your choices in classes before seeking departmental approval.

Major/Minor Declaration Form

Download and print the Major/Minor Declaration Form, or meet with your academic advisor to obtain the form (and have the benefit of a one-on-one conversation about your major decisions). Bring the Major/Minor form to the appropriate department or departments for review and signature.

Independent Study Capstone Request Form

Submit this form to the department in order to register your independent study. Fill it out thoroughly along with your faculty member.

Honors Thesis Request Form

This form is separate from the prospectus turned into the Honor’s Department. This form is turned into the BSPH department for registration purposes.

Degree Audit Substitution Form     

This form is used by faculty advisors to approve a class substitution in a major or minor, and to have that substitution appear on the students’ degree audit.