Curriculum Updates

BSPH Majors no longer need to take a 2nd MATH class. If you choose Long Calculus to fulfill the Formal Reasoning Proficiency requirement, you must take MATH 1150 & MATH 1160. 

BSPH students can take the following School of Professional Advancement (SoPA) classes as public health electives:

  • KINE 3300 Epidemiology of Aging
  • KINE 3600 Economics of Health & Wellness  
  • KINE 4200 Mental Health
  • HMLS 3250 Emergency Management   
  • HMLS 2750 Homeland Security   

Students must take the in-person version of the class, indicated by -01 section. Online versions of the class (-10 section) will not be accepted. These classes will count towards the 120 credit requirement (with the 9 credit SoPA class limit still in effect). 

Writing intensive Requirement – BSPH Majors who started at Tulane before Fall 2018 can take a Tier-2 writing class to fulfill the NTC writing intensive requirement. Writing intensive can also be fulfilled by petition or with any class with writing intensive section. SPHU 2300, Introduction to Nutrition, now has a Tier-2 writing attribute that fulfills the writing intensive requirement.

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