Fit NOLA:  Youth Summit Intern


Project Title:  Youth Summit Intern

Background on the Project: Fit NOLA is an initiative of the New Orleans Health Department. Using five pilot schools, Fit NOLA plans to host a Youth Summit to promote the concept of wellness councils in all Orleans Parish Public Schools. This event will be held in spring 2019 and is open to parents, students, school faculty and members of the public that have vested interests in formative years of physical activity and healthy eating. There will be keynote speakers, activities for parents and children, and opportunities for students to lead the charge in creating a wellness council.

Summit Goals include: Educate students, parents and the public about the importance of having a wellness council in schools through health literacy and provide tools for each potential youth council student body to make health decisions for the school based on their own vision of a youth wellness council

  1. Provide models/toolkit for the implementation of wellness councils through national best practice models such as LSU Agricultural Center 4H model
  2. Use the 4H principles and Orleans Parish School Board partnership to leverage more public school participation in the youth wellness councils

Student Responsibilities and Activities: The internship orientation will start December 2018 based on the student’s availability, but the majority of the work would start January 2019 and end May 2019.

  1. Using the OPS Theory of Change and modifying it to apply to Fit NOLA Youth Council (include a summary of OPS theory of change as a part of the tool kit developed for the youth council school leads)
  2. Focus on Vision, Mission, Objectives, Targets of Change, Agents of Change and Strategies to develop youth council (the Fit NOLA School Sector group has created the overall vision, mission, and objective)
  3. Using strategies for positive discipline to have everyone involved (Base strategies on current physical activity policy and guidelines from Action for a Healthier Generation)
  • Not autonomous from school government (include local, state and national standards)
  • Develop a marketing strategy to engage school administrators
  • Develop an evaluation for schools’ progress
  • Focus on core aspects of the council that will create health leaders and career development
  1. The student, sector members and supervisor will work on the following:
  • Funding – identify grants focused on school health, in regards to both physical activity and nutrition
  • Promotion – Develop a marketing package for the summit and for the implementation of youth councils in the schools
  • Participation – Identify key partners that can assist with school, educator and parent participation


Supervisor: Chandra Teddleton, B.A, M.A, Fit NOLA Program Coordinator

Transportation: The work will be done remotely as well as in New Orleans City Hall Health Department office 1300 Perdido St. Suite 8E18. A car is not needed, but helpful when the student is requested to meet with potential schools or with various partners involved in the project. The project coordinator will provide assignments that can be done digitally or on campus for over 50% of the internship.

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